"Being a mom has made me so tired. and so happy"

I'm trying to come up with things to say in this "About Me" section, but I can't stop thinking about how sore my back is from lugging two tiny humans around all darn day - mixed in with my gigantic breastfeeding boobs that are wearing me down like woah. Geesh, talk about a good intro. But this is something I've learned throughout my ongoing journey of being a social media influencer - to keep it real. 

I adore meeting new people. Because I am always wiping bums and living on hot mess express ave., these people tend to be Mamas, and more specifically, Mamas that are wanting some advice or a friend. This is my jam. This is where I am happiest - helping people navigate through the crazy, beautiful journey of Motherhood.

My daughter Kaia, the one who made me a Mama is three and a half and my goodness will she give you a run for your money. She is as sassy as they come and loves when she is the centre of attention. I can't quite decide if the universe is getting back at me for my teenage years or what but she is my greatest pride and joy. If you're the stranger giving her a donut in the Driv-Thru, about 99% of the time she'll tell you she loves you (who am I kidding, I tell those beautiful humans providing me with deliciousness that I love them too.)

Theodore just had his six month birthday, yeah it's a thing, I said so, and he is the happiest dude on the block. I can barely even believe I created something that cute. He is obsessed with his sister, his two bottom teeth, his glow worm and tooting. I'm convinced he's going to be running before he crawls, his little legs NEVER. STOP. MOVING. (think of how fun an explosive diaper change is) and he is always, always giving me the worst baby fever. His cheeks have a fan base of their own, the amount of people that ask to eat them is both outrageous and incredible. 

Matthew is my dude. He asked me to marry him two years ago, and well .. let's just say I call him my husband anyways. Speaking of, he is the best Instagram husband in the universe. All the ladies are jealous (I'm not even being dramatic), when he takes pictures of us because a) he takes 500 at a time, and b) he'll tell you when you look like a knob and what to change. I mean come on - what else does a gal need? Oh right - a loving, caring, compassionate, understanding man. Check, check, check, check.

Let's hang, virtually, or IRL - I'm a Canadian Mama currently rockin' it in Nova Scotia although I was born and raised in Ottawa. You're the bees knees for checking out my blog and for that I promise to always be genuine and honest no matter what. I'm the one that will tell you about the lettuce in your teeth and that booger up your nose. xx