Sheridan Ingalls

Rolling with style in our Uppa Cruz.

Sheridan Ingalls
Rolling with style in our Uppa Cruz.

I will not label myself as a stroller expert but I will tell you that I know a good stroller when I see one. There have been a few that I have used prior to the UPPAbaby CRUZ and many have thanked me for my extra long (over the top almost unnecessary) review on the product as it was spot on. This one will be no less, because let me tell you folks, it’s a good one, a real freekin’ good one.

Strollers are important, like I’m talking mega important. Starting from when your babe is a little tiny squish but also leading into their toddler years because obviously you still enjoy locking (oops I mean buckling) them in and heading out for a walk. I was on a mission to discover the best stroller I could find for Theo and I to get our buns moving. I have been working hard over the last four months to maintain a healthier and happier lifestyle and a major part of that is of course, exercise. It was important for me to find a stylish but also practical stroller that would be useful on all types of terrain.


Allow me to introduce you to the UPPAbaby CRUZ Stroller which now comes with full-grain leather detailing for added grip and durability. Let’s be real, often times when we’ve been pushing a stroller for a hot minute your hands will start to get frustrated but the leather grip will allow your hands to feel as happy as you are pushing your babe around for extended periods of time.

This design is lightweight and compact - a perfect example would be how I carried it up my brother’s three flights of stairs to get to his condo without complaint - believe me when I say this is a big deal. It will also fold up into the tiniest spaces which means that even my tiny trunk has room for both the stroller and my groceries, this again, is a revelation and a great one at that.

Let’s get into the details of this beauty:

  • I think I speak for all mothers, fathers and friends that are on stroller duty that one of the most important features is that basket underneath the stroller. The real question is, how many things can you shove under there until enough is enough. Good news! The UPPACruz has an extra large easy access basket (from both the front and the back) with a 25lb max. It also comes with a separate pocket for your water bottle or your phone (or both) so that it doesn’t get lost in the hustle bustle.

  • I love the easy brake at the back of the stroller, the giant red pedal makes it easy to spot and very simple to use.

  • Another one of my favourite features of the UPPA stroller are the little buttons on the side of the handle that can allow for you to adjust the height in one swift motion. This is huge, sometimes I’ll want it too be lower and after a while it’s nice to be able to change the height depending on what terrain you’re on.

  • The straps are amazing - one of the most frustrating parts about other strollers IMO are how difficult it can be to make the straps tighter or looser. From past experience I have found them to be behind the stroller seat which can make for a difficult transition. The UPPA has the straps right at the front of the seat and are so accessible that you can change it in seconds depending on what your little babe is wearing.

  • Although I do not want to be reminded of Theodore no longer fitting into a car seat (cue all the tears) it is important to note that UPPA is compatible with the UPPAbaby MESA infant car seat but also with many other travel systems with the use of adapters. You can also purchase a very sweet bassinet to walk your baby in, there is something about bassinets and babies that just go hand in hand know what I mean, THE CUTENESS IS TOO MUCH.

  • Lastly, sometimes Kaia will still want to hop in the stroller and thankfully the UPPA supports a child from 3 months up to 50 lb so she’ll be in the clear for a little while longer at least, if I allow it.


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Thank you BuyBuy Baby for supporting our family and sponsoring this post.

Love always,  Sheridan xoxo

Love always,

Sheridan xoxo