Sheridan Ingalls

The beauty of Benadryl.

Sheridan Ingalls
The beauty of Benadryl.

We live in a forest. Growing up in Ottawa and living in the suburbs I did not get to experience such beauty outside of my window. Matt on the other hand grew up in Hubbards, a town outside of Halifax, where he lived on an acre of land, full of grass, trees and every green thing in between. With that being said, growing up I never had to worry about outdoor allergies. I was unaware of how common they truly are and how many people have to deal with unexpected allergic flare-ups – especially during the summer When Matt and I first got together he was constantly complaining about his allergies and how frustrating they can be. When I was pregnant, I made a joke about our children inheriting his allergies and if they did that I would not be very pleased. Sadly, this is now something that they have in common with their dad. 

Not only that, but Theodore is extremely sensitive to bug bites, and our backyard is a perfect place for bugs to live. In fact, there are two weeks in particular that the black flies are so bad, you wouldn’t dare step outside unless running to the car. It is a very strange time of the season and seems to only be around our neck of the woods, but for those few weeks, the bugs are absolutely out of control. Theodore, who is an outdoorsman, refuses to let this stop him. Although it’s awfully cute, it’s also awfully terrible for his poor skin. There was one day in particular that a bug bit him right on his eyelid. Not thinking much of it right after it happened, we all went to sleep. The following morning Theodore woke up up and couldn’t open his eye at all - it was completely swollen shut. Immediately I reached for the Children’s Benadryl® Liquid and it worked really fast to relieve his symptoms. I am so thankful that I had it handy in my medicine basket because it was such a sin to see him so frustrated. After about a day of Benadryl® relief, he was almost back to being regular old bubbs. Lesson learned: always, and I repeat, always, have Benadryl in your household and also in your purse or bag because you really never know when something like this can happen.   


Our little Kaia bear also has a hard time with bug bites. Not only do they like her, but they also make her extremely itchy. After we introduced her to the Benadryl® Itch Relief Stick, she demands that we use it every time she emerges from the outdoors. I can’t say I blame her, because I also love how handy and how helpful it is and I trust it to works when I need it.


The three specific Benadryl® products that are currently in my cupboard are:

Benadryl® Itch Relief Stick: Non-stinging, it contains a topical antihistamine/analgesic and a skin protectant to provide fast, effective relief of itchiness and pain due to insect bites and stings. Keep it handy when in your backyard, at your cottage, or on your next camping trip.

Benadryl® Liquid,flare-upsBenadryl® Liquid

Benadryl® Itch Relief Spray: Non-stinging, it contains a topical antihistamine/analgesic and a skin protectant to provide fast, effective relief from itchiness and pain due to allergic itches, poison ivy, insect bites, mild sunburn or minor skin irritations at the source.

All this to say, when you’re out shopping wondering what you might be forgetting - don’t forget to pick up some Benadryl®! It is an absolute must in our home and should be in yours too. It‘s available wherever you buy your first-aid kit supplies. You can also click here to grab yourself a coupon and save on your next Benadryl purchase!

Thank you Benadryl® for supporting our family and sponsoring this post.