Sheridan Ingalls


Sheridan Ingalls

I’m quite confident, and when I say quite confident I mean 100% sure that homemade gifts are the best kinds of gifts. Sure, it’s always a bonus to receive something extra fancy under the tree but nothing quite says "I appreciate you and Happy Holidays like something that you put your extra TLC into.

Throughout my childhood I would always be making things for my parents. Maybe I was way ahead of my years and considered being thrifty as one of my fortes but truth be told I just really enjoyed making crafts.

The first year Matt and I got together we baked cookies, put them in mason jars and because he is a designer I forced him into making the cutest labels. Now, when I head over to my friends and families homes I still see that jar sitting up on their kitchen counters being used for other things all the while, the label still sitting pretty - it makes me smile.

This year I figured it would be the most fun to get the kids involved. When I say kids I really mean Kaia because Theodore just sat at the table and ate all of the Maltesers. We decided on an easy craft, so yes, this DIY is obviously great for all ages but it’s especially wonderful because my three and a half year old was so into it and very capable of creating the entire craft (mostly) herself, with a little help from Mama along the way.

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What you’ll need:




Eat too many of the Maltesers and question if you have enough to complete DIY (kiddinggggg, or am I?) Pour the remaining Maltesers into the jars. Close jar tightly. I suppose you technically could pour the chocolates in at the end of the craft but this worked well for us so that we stopped eating them haha.


Take a piece of tap and wrap it around the jar to allow for painting of the jar. Explain to your little helper that they are to paint below the tape line and not above. Explain it one more time because the chances of them listening the first time are slim to none. Explain it once more and realize you better show them instead because children work much better with hands on things.

Repaint the jar a total of 3 or 4 times so that the jar is completely covered with the brown paint.


Let it dry.

Unpeel the tape to reveal your job well done.

Glue on the googly eyes and pom pom nose. Not too high and not too low, right in the middle of the jar!


Glue the ribbon around the jar.

Last but certainly not least, take your pipe cleaners and cut them in half. From there, fold the cleaner and twist to create a set of ears. Glue the ears on the top of the jar and voila. You did it! You made the cutest DIY mason jar gift for your loved ones. Kaia was so excited to give them away that naturally, we couldn’t actually wait until Christmas. Kaia’s favourite part about gifting her jars? Asking them if they need a hand eating all the treats.

Merry Christmas everyone, we over here at the Smith household wish you nothing but the merriest of holidays! PS. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway - it’s a good one! Bernardin®