Sheridan Ingalls

Theo's room.

Sheridan Ingalls
Theo's room.

When we first moved into our home I was in such a rush to get everything done - I am convinced that it is an instinct us women have and for whatever reason we are just not great at being in limbo. Theodore’s room has been a few things prior to his special space. Before I was pregnant, it was Matthew’s office. Although nice and cozy upstairs, not optimal when blaring his tunes after bedtime. When Matt moved his office downstairs we turned that room into a guest room. Although a fabulous place to have a guest room it didn’t really make a whole lot of sense for us to dedicate an entire room to something that wasn’t being overly used. ALAS, Theodore’s room came to be. Now let’s not get crazy - it’s not like he sleeps in it, I WISH I WAS KIDDING. But at least it’s a great space to store his clothes (HAHA, these laughs are really tears) ANYWHO - as all of us parents know, at some point children do grow up and do get over snugging with Mom and Dad and that is when Theodore’s room will be his favourite place to be!

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A few things that I did that I thought were rather smart (patting my own back here):

I REALLY didn’t like the light fixture but I also knew that Matt wouldn’t be thrilled with us spending more money then necessary so we bought spray paint. We painted his light, his curtain road and a cute box a nice rose gold that I just love. This cost is 9 dollars and it changed everything. It made everything look more cohesive and a tiny bit “richer” than what was there before. Funny that I would use the word rich when it was the world’s cheapest transformation, but like, fake it till you make it right?

Another thing that I did was take my damn time when it came to picking things out. Rather than ordering the first posters that I saw online, I looked up and down and all around on Etsy and finally settled on these two & I love them - actually I’m OBSESSED with them. They can be purchased here, or you can check out her Instagram as well, @littlegrippersstore which is an awesome place to find printable wall art!


I knew with Theodore’s room being a small space that wallpaper would have been too much. So instead I decided on wallpaper decals from The Lovely Wall Co. and they are just so cute. They were the easiest thing to put on, in fact, both of the kids helped me with it, and by this I mean they would put it on and I would redo it behind them, but it’s the thought that counts right? Check out her Instagram here, I pinky promise that you won’t regret it - @thelovelywallco .


Nicole from reached out to me to when she heard that I was redoing Theodore’s room and I was so very happy that she did. I adore supporting small shops and ESPECIALLY Canadian ones! Located in Toronto, this babe will work extra hard to make sure that your vision comes to life. She sent me some drafts for Theodore’s room and I was so thrilled with the outcome. Most importantly: I have the word “bubbs” written above his bed and I’m convinced there isn’t anything better than that.

Jenny from creates the most beautiful birth stats & custom designed names. The millisecond I saw these on Instagram I knew it would be one of my favourite pieces in Theo’s room. timeless prints for your little one’s room. Each Love Found Birth Stat is professionally printed on super heavy 30% recycled linen paper, are framed on the top and bottom like a modern day scroll, and come ready to hang.


A few of you have asked me about the plant in the corner of Theo’s room and I thought it was very important to note that I am the worst plant mom known to man. Instead of trying to pretend to be something I’m not, I almost always buy my fake plants at IKEA and surprise they still look super real.

Next up is Kaia’s room, so let’s all wait on that one (basically implying that it will take me a hot minute to get her room done so be patient with me haha.)